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Abbey Friedman was a life-saver when my mother was in crisis due to a bipolar relapse. Abbey was a powerful therapeutic agent as she allowed my mother and I to have our process, as we communicated in a highly emotional and intense manner – as family members do when there’s a mental health crisis.

As a result of Abbey’s interventions, I was able to leave Florida and return home to North Carolina knowing that my mother would be in safe hands – as my mother required a special kind of therapeutic support due to her mental illness. Abbey was able to provide that support.

Abbey has a unique service as she travels to the home of her clients to provide counseling and practical daily living assistance. Her caring and tireless efforts area balm during troubled times.

Dr. Sandie S.

Licensed Psychologist, Florida, New York, North Carolina

I will never forget Abbey’s kindness when she made a house call to my daughter, who was not well enough to join the rest of her family at a large gathering on a holiday not long ago.

Abbey’s talents serve her clients well. She is a marvelous listener, has a keen sense of humor, and is so knowledgeable about mental illnesses and the services available. Best of all, she knows how to navigate the social service system and is a huge help when it comes to filling out the countless forms that are required to apply for critical help.


Abbey has been only person who has truly helped with my illness and life. Her caring and hands on approach has been extremely beneficial. I wish I met her about 40 years ago.

Joyce H

Dear Abbey
I do not know if you knew it was Gene who died on Tuesday morning running the Blue Heron bridge. Our three children are here and in shock.

We learned so much from your meetings, and you are a talented mental health consultant. Gene was very impressed with your skill.

Marge M

My wife and I have both known Abbey for over 2 years now. I started having problems with severe depression and went to her for help. I have been seeing her for services ever since.

Abbey is attentive, has extensive knowledge on all aspects of mental illness, and gives much of herself not only in sessions but on a personal level as well. Her connection with her patients, which I have been the recipient of and also her help with the other people involved such as my wife have been nothing short of amazing. From visits in the hospital to accepting phone calls just about at any time, she gives more of herself than I have ever experienced with the other practitioners that i have seen over the years. Even though she is not a psychiatrist she guided me to a good one and also can speak with me very intelligently on many aspects of medication which I find very helpful on my road to recovery.

All in all I would recommend Abbey very highly to people looking for a practitioner that knows her field and connects on a very human level with her patients. She cares and that is very obvious…

Bruce B.

Abbey is a one of a kind and truly cares. Abbey has not only helped save my marriage, but also saved my life. Because of her knowledge and support, I’ve been able to better manage my bipolar depression.


Abbey knew the ins and outs of both inpatient and outpatient hospitals. She personally escorted me to my psych appointments acting as a go-between so I would feel comfortable with my new meds. She was constantly available to help when I was depressed or manic. Now I am stable and I owe it all to her and her knowledge of community resources. She has a special heart for those suffering from mental illness and I know I can count on her to help me through the rough times

Anna M

Abbey has been an integral part of my husband’s treatment team for over 3 years now and has proven herself to be the most dedicated, helpful, supportive mental health team member we have ever had. She is responsive to both my husband’s and my concerns and needs and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty any time we have needed her without our having to even ask. She has an extensive network of mental health professionals she works closely with and intense knowledge of programs and services in the area available to those who need them.

Honestly, working with Abbey is probably the best thing that could have happened to my husband and for our family and she treats every client like they are her only one. We are so thankful we were referred to her, she has been simply amazing!


Abbey is a life-coach to a member of my family with bipolar disorder and I live 1,000 miles away from South Florida. When my sibling falls into a deep depression or is severely manic, I know I can rely on Abbey to help my sibling find the way back to “normal.” Abbey is a caring professional, which in this business is difficult. She can be tough or sensitive, as needed by the situation, and Abbey is always ready to be an advocate for my sibling’s best interest.

My sibling can get irritated with Abbey, which I think is normal with bipolar disorder, and my sibling tried another counselor, but when the next deep depression occurred, the new counselor said to have my sibling make an appointment and come see her, which was not possible.

I called Abbey and she went to my sibling’s home, got my sibling cleaned up and checked into the hospital, helped get my sibling’s meds adjusted, and provided the kind of hands-on assistance that I would provide if I were there. If you are in a battle (and that’s what this is) and you can only have one person in the foxhole with you, Abbey is that person. I am thankful to have Abbey on our team!


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